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Friday, June 29, 2007

Interview with Terri Moon of Moon's Harvest

Moons Harvest
Interview On: Tell Us About Your Home Based Internet Business
Sponsored By: Candles By Victoria

Moon's Harvest Bath & Body Trends

Moon's Harvest was started in 2004 when I was looking for a retirement business and Erica was looking for a career. We have always loved bath & body products, but we always disliked paying the high prices for them.

We did a lot of studying, research, and comparison shopping and found that even though there are 1000's of product lines out there with great products, they all had one thing in common, high prices.

We knew a lot of women that couldn't afford to take advantage of the benefits of high quality at home spa treatments. And this is the foundation that Moon's Harvest was built on, high quality fresh products that everyday women and men could afford. We need to take care of our skin too!

It's really not all that hard to do. We search for high quality affordable ingredients within the USA. Companies with outstanding reputations, like Brambleberry, Coastal Scents, Saveon Scents, Wilkinson, and The Chemistry Store, just to name a few. We buy ingredients in bulk and pass the savings on to the consumer.

We use the same high quality ingredients that all the famous name brand companies use, we just take less of the profits. As a matter of fact I will put any of my products next to any of theirs in a comparison and we will probably come out on top. These companies are all about the profits, and all about the profits.

We are a Bath & Body Products company with one thing in mind and that is the consumer. We love to see people's faces when they come across our products at a craft show and see the quality for the low prices. They light up like candles in disbelief.

I am sure a lot of people walk away asking themselves why do they do that? (My family asks all the time). The simple answer is "We want to" and we enjoy it. What could be better than doing something you love and being able to make others happy in the process.

We need to get the word out there that there are companies you can count on to deliver high quality products at affordable prices. We don't want to be on the list of companies that rape consumers for their last dime and that list is getting longer and longer every day, not just on beauty products, but everything from food, gas, clothes, cars, homes and just about everything else.

Our products are not a necessity, they are a luxury, and we want everyone to be able to afford to indulge occasionally. We offer our products on line, and in a few stores in the East Texas area. For more information you can visit www.moonsharvest.net or call 903-881-0899.

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